Multiple Blue Rings

15 Frameworks for coming up with startup business ideas


The first type of an idea is a simplify idea where you' re trying to make a task or a process much easier for the user..

Examples: Instagram, TikTok

Me Too Idea

A me-too idea is when you take a current idea and bring it to a new market.

Examples: Flipkart, Lazada


It involves moving an activity from the "offline" space to the "online" space. 

Examples: Uber, TurboTax, Amazon Books


Remix idea is when you combine two different ideas from two unrelated industries.

Examples: Slack, Udemy


These are ideas which seem to be impossible to achieve. An example is -  self driving cars.

Examples: SpaceX, Tesla


A good idea is a combination of "something I want to use myself" + "something I'm suited to build" + "something I wish I had when learning X"

Examples: Jasper, Tactyqal


Ideas that combines your Passion( What you love), Mission( what the world needs), Vocation( what you can be paid for) & Profession (what you're good at).

Examples: Share the Meal, Khan Academy


An idea where you aggregate resources and put them in one place so that users have access to all the resources.

Examples: Producthunt, Amazon, Urban Company


Substraction or unbundling involves taking away different features and focussing on a single feature or benefit.

Examples: Tinder, Whatsapp in the early days

Time Travel

Imagine yourself 15-20 years into the future. What do you think is missing? Build that thing.

Examples: Metaverse, SpaceX

Build new supply

Find a way to create new supply to service either existing demand or new demand. Airbnb took existing homes and turned them into a new supply of rooms.

Examples: Uber, Rent the Runway, AirBnb


Painkillers are solutions to hair-on-fire problems. When you have a headache, you use a painkiller. Similarly, can you think of ideas that can solve other painkiller problems?

Examples: Google Search, YouTube, Gmail


How do you help customers in solving problems on their own? Can you teach customers so that they don't have to get a doctor, hire a mechanic, get a cook, etc.

Examples:  Youtube, Lego, Ikea


Inversion is approaching a problem from a different point of view. Instead of finding a good solution to a problem, find the bad solutions and then figure out how to avoid them - automatically creating good solutions

Technology Shifts

Can you identify what technology has changed recently that will help you create a new product? Think how you can use those technologies to create new offerings.

Examples: OpenSea, Self Driving Cars