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8 motivational tips for work

Whether you work for someone or yourself, there will be times you will lack the motivation to complete tasks. Keeping yourself motivated is crucial to getting work done. Motivation is the fire that makes productivity really work.

There is a famous quote which states that “people don’t lack motivation, they lack clarity”. What it means is that unless you have clarity on what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it, you will lack motivation.

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So, let’s look at 8 important tips you can use to help you enhance your motivation at work.


1. Goal setting

If you don’t have a clear and concrete goal that you’re working towards, your motivation will suffer. This is why goal setting in the initial stages is important. Working without goals is like running a race without knowing how far you’re going or how well you’re doing. You can reach some distance with willpower. But willpower is limited. Once you run out of it, you’re done. When you have clear goals that you’ve broken down into the tiniest bits, willpower can actually help further.

2. Keep a success journal

Write down at least 5 successes you’ve had each day. You can write them down in your notebook, on a mobile app, or on your pc. You’ll be amazed at how this simple habit keeps you motivated. Once this becomes a habit, you will feel motivated every day to fill in that journal.

3. Reward yourself

A good way to keep motivation high is to set small goals and then reward yourself when you hit them. For example, if you write a thousand words a day for a week, then maybe you can reward yourself by watching a movie on the weekend. The rewards don’t have to be huge, it just has to be something meaningful and something that you actually what to do.

4. Read something motivational

There is plenty of self-help and motivational books and other forms of content out there that you can read. Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited or buy physical books.

5. State your goals publicly

Stating your goals publicly has three key benefits. First, we care about what people around us think of us. So when the going gets tough, they will be there to cheer us. Secondly, we don’t want to disappoint them. Thirdly, we don’t want to lose face in front of other people.

6. Take breaks

You need to take breaks at regular intervals. Everyone has the chance of burning out and one of the big symptoms is a lack of motivation. However, when taking breaks you need to identify whether you are actually taking a break or procrastinating.

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7. Stop complaining

Always be positive. You only have a finite amount of energy and attention, so channel them to things that empower you. There are a lot of people around you who spend time complaining about other people and how their life sucks, instead of changing for the better. Don’t be like these people.

Focus on things that will give you positive results. Be around people with positive energy. Negative people draw the energy away from you and very soon you end up like them.

8. Find a partner

Our motivation usually starts to die down when we feel that we are all alone in our journey. By having a partner, someone you can be accountable to, you can motivate each other. An accountability partner is someone with the same interest and passion as you.

Ideally, inform one another of your plan for the day and week, and at the end of each day, you will let your partner know if you have completed the tasks you planned and what went wrong. You can also exchange ideas and work on projects together.

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