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Tactyq's Idea Generator

Out of Ideas? Tactyq provides you with various ideas for a business or startup.

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Tactyq's Idea Evaluator

Are you working on the right business idea? Check how strong your idea is.

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Can you raise the Venture Capital?

Most successful startups are venture funded. Take this test to find out if your startup is fundable or not.

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Tactyq has been developed by ex venture capitalists, business consultants, marketers and researchers.

Getting into Business

Find out what business to start, whether you should quit your job and identify missing entrepreneurship skills

Idea Evaluation

Answer a few questions to find out your entrepreneur-idea fit

Building the Initial Team

Find out whether you should you get cofounder/s? Is he/she the right co-founder?



Find out your chances of raising venture capital

Running the business

Make strategic decisions on whether you should raise prices, should you focus on marketing or sales, etc

Scaling You (the CEO)

Things like should you get a mentor? or should you delegate a task?


Education for Business ≠ Business Education

Our educational content helps you to assess business decisions without the need to go through the subject in detail.

Short Videos

Short videos to understand what you must do and why

Easy Reading

Curated content to provide you the insights to your decision making

Personalized content

You only need to focus on areas where you need help and skip the other content

24/7 access

get access to all the content anytime anywhere

Turn your decisions into To-dos

ToDo List Items

Once you take an assessment, your decision becomes an item on your Todo list.

Edit List

You can remove a todo item from the list or mrk as completed

Priority Based

Every decision has a priority from 'most' to 'less' important marked by different colors

Add Items

Add new adhoc items to your Todo list anytime



Over 150 entrepreneurs use our assessments and here are some of them.

This is really interesting and super unique. I think a lot of new/inexperienced founders could benefit from using something like this.

Tactyq User #15


Awesome project! I really like what you're building, if you execute well then I think you'll be very successful. I think this could help quite a few entrepreneurs.

Tactyq User #264


I tried the Idea Generator and Idea Evaluator. Both are useful.

Tactyq User #48


Very interesting. I took a quiz but struggling to see the results. I like the concept here. Good luck this week. Keep it going.

Tactyq User #122


Love the concept and the website is very slick. Good luck.

Tactyq User #196


I really like your app. It would be super helpful for people who're struggling with ideas that are likely to work.

Tactyq User #201


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