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About Us

“Most people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity – James Clear”


Startups are really hard. 80% of startups fail. A startup’s default state is – failure. We want to change that.


We want to derive success by helping other startups succeed.


We have done our research. We have looked at failed companies as well as successful companies and we have identified common patterns these companies follow. Based on these patterns we have created assessments that will help every entrepreneur build a successful business.


We look at startups and small businesses as a cumulative sum of the founders’ decisions. Each good decision drives your business towards success and each bad decision, away from it, and even can end up killing the business.


As CEOs you are always making decisions. But you don’t know which ones are the most important…..We do. We ask the right questions and help you make the right decisions.


We are a team of ex venture capitalists, market researchers, repeat entrepreneurs & growth marketers.


We’ve done our homework so that you can go and build the unicorn company of your dreams.

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Frequently asked questions

Tactyq is for aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage founders, business consultants and investors.

The assessments have been created based on pattern recognition in both successful and unsuccessful companies.

Each assessment is an important business decision. The more assessments you take, the better your chances of building a successful business.

Yes. The assessments have been created using findings from journals, research papers, books, founder interviews and, combined with our personal experience as venture capitalists, second time entrepreneurs, market researchers, and growth marketers.