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Do You Need a Short Form Content Agency?

Scroll, scroll, scroll. That’s what we’re all doing these days as short-form content takes over our screens. From bite-sized videos on TikTok to snapshot Stories on Instagram, short-form content is captivating audiences with its condensed and consumable format.

But creating effective short form content is an art unto itself. The constraints of limited space and time require a specialized skillset to hook viewers and communicate your core messaging quickly.

That’s why more and more brands are turning to short form content agencies—here’s what you need to know about this emerging format and how to find the right partner.

The Short Form Content Explosion

Once upon a time, long-form content like blog posts and ebooks ruled supreme in content marketing. But attention spans have shortened in the smartphone era, with viewers craving digestible content they can consume on the go.

Short-form content has exploded onto the scene to meet that need. Just look at these stats:

  • 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, most of it short-form content under 10 minutes.
  • TikTok saw usage grow by 325% in 2018 as it saturated the market with its megabyte-sized videos.
  • Instagram Stories usage increased by 33% from 2018 to 2019.

It’s clear: short-form content is taking over. So brands need to hop aboard this high-speed train or risk getting left behind.

The Benefits of Getting Short-Form Content Right

Short form content may be small in size, but it delivers big benefits:

  • Increased Audience Retention: Short videos and posts hold viewer attention better than lengthy content. One study found viewers watched 85% of a short video vs. 16% of a long video.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Short form content is perfect for pre-roll ads, social media videos, and platforms like Snapchat. It gets your brand front of mind effectively.
  • Improved Social Engagement: Shorter content is more easily digestible and shareable for social media. That means more reactions and reshares to grow your reach.
  • Lower Production Costs: Short-form content requires less time and resources to create than long form. And it can often be repurposed across platforms.

But those benefits only come when short-form content is executed strategically. Done wrong, it falls flat and wastes creative efforts.

Why You Need a Specialized Short-Form Agency

Great short-form content balances conciseness with impact. That’s much harder to achieve than with long-form content that affords ample time to communicate messages and explore ideas.

Generalist agencies often struggle when it comes to short-form content. Their teams aren’t well-versed in the unique creative frameworks and condensed storytelling this emerging format demands.

That’s why a specialized short form content agency is the best fit to help elevate your brand.

Here are some key benefits:

Laser Focus: They exclusively work in short-form content day in and day out. That mastery shows in the polished end product.

Platform Expertise: They know the ins and outs of key short-form content platforms, from ideal length to hooks that resonate.

Agile Creative: They’re nimble at developing near-endless variations from one core idea to find what pops most.

Measured Optimization: They test and refine concepts relentlessly until your short form content achieves peak performance.

The Ideal Short Form Agency Checklist

So how do you find a short-form agency up to tackling today’s content landscape? Use this checklist to guide your search:

⚪ Strong creative reel across key short form platforms

⚪ Talented in-house team of writers, directors, editors, animators, etc.

⚪ Track record optimizing branded short form campaigns

⚪ Expertise in performance marketing and conversion optimization

⚪ Culture obsessed with continually testing and improving

⚪ Clear reporting on ROI and analytics post-launch

⚪ Roster of happy clients singing their praises

⚪ Awards and media coverage validating their work

⚪ Cost-effective and scalable fee structures

⚪ Quick turnarounds meeting today’s real-time needs

Finding an agency that checks all those boxes takes some digging. Start by asking colleagues for referrals of short form shops they’ve used and liked.

Poke around industry articles and awards show spotlighting achievements in the short-form space. Compile a list of interesting contenders.

Then dive deeper through case studies and client testimonials to gauge results. Follow their social channels to get a feel for their work and vibe.

Once you’ve narrowed down some top choices, set up discovery calls. Come armed with questions to unearth how they’ll bring game-changing ideas to your short-form content needs.

The agency that wows you with its track record, strategic thinking, and creative vision is the one to move forward with.

Overcoming Short-Form Content Challenges

Partnering with the right short-form agency sets you up for success. But a few roadblocks may still pop up along the way:

Challenge: Struggling to articulate your brand identity within tight time constraints.

Solution: Collaborate closely at the start to boil down your core differentiators into a short, compelling tagline.

Challenge: Defaulting to stale stock footage that feels disconnected from your message.

Solution: Develop a custom-branded library of b-rolls reflective of your vibe.

Challenge: Thrilling ideas that don’t translate from script to final cut.

Solution: Include rapid prototyping sprints to pressure test concepts before investing fully.

Challenge: Measuring ROI across fragmented short-form platforms.

Solution: Use attribution modeling and trackable links to gauge holistic performance.

With some planning, creativity, and agility, your agency can help you adapt to meet any short-form content roadblock.

Launching a Winning Short Form Content Strategy

Short-form content is snacking on long form’s lunch. To meet rising audience demand, brands need to rethink their approach.

The concise short form format requires mastery to both resonate and drive results. Partnering with a specialized agency offers know-how and strategic support.

With the right team and strategies in place, get ready to convey your brand identity while capturing eyeballs in just milliseconds. It’s time to tell your story at the speed of short.

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