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25 Digital Marketing Startup Ideas to Launch in 2023

The digital marketing landscape is ripe with opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. With low barriers to entry, digital marketing startups can get off the ground quickly and start generating revenue.

However, the crowded space also means fierce competition. You need an idea that solves a real problem or better serves an existing market.

In this post, we’ll explore 25 digital marketing startup ideas perfect for launching in 2023. I’ll provide actionable tips to turn these ideas into successful businesses. Let’s dive in!

Why Digital Marketing is a Lucrative Industry

Before we cover specific business ideas, let’s look at why digital marketing is such a great industry for startups right now:

High Demand

Every business needs digital marketing services. As consumers continue to spend more time online, demand increases for experts who can connect brands with their target audience. Most companies struggle with in-house marketing, driving demand for outsourced services.

Low Barriers to Entry

With some marketing know-how, a computer, and an internet connection, you can launch a digital marketing consultancy from anywhere. Many of the tools are free or inexpensive. You don’t need certificates or advanced degrees.


Digital marketing lends itself well to scalability. Once you have winning campaigns and processes in place, taking on new clients doesn’t require significantly more time. This enables your business to grow rapidly.

High-Profit Margins

Digital marketing services tend to be high margin compared to more capital-intensive businesses. This gives you more room to reinvest profits into growth.

Recession Resilience

Marketing is usually the last budget item cut in economic downturns. Businesses view it as an investment rather than a cost center. This makes digital marketing startups recession-resilient.

Now let’s explore 25 digital marketing startup ideas ripe for entrepreneurial success.

1. Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media remains one of the highest ROI digital marketing channels. Yet, over 90% of marketers say they don’t have an effective social strategy.

As a social media marketing agency, you help brands:

  • Set up and optimize social media accounts
  • Create engaging content
  • Run social ad campaigns
  • Manage communities
  • Track performance with reports

With expertise in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, you can serve clients in any industry. Recurring revenue comes from monthly retainers.

Tips for Success

  • Specialize first. Gain expertise with one niche before expanding. For example, focus on real estate or e-commerce.
  • Let data guide you. Use social listening and analytics to craft data-driven strategies.
  • Expand offerings over time. Add services like graphic design, influencer marketing, and photography.

2. Facebook Ad Management Agency

Facebook advertising is a behemoth, controlling over 20% of the global digital ad market. Yet many companies don’t have the in-house expertise to manage large campaigns.

As a Facebook Ad Agency, you set up, optimize, and manage Facebook and Instagram ad accounts on behalf of clients. This includes running retargeting ads, creating lookalike audiences, A/B testing creatives, monitoring campaign performance, and reporting ROI.

Tips for Success

  • Obtain certifications like Facebook Blueprint to demonstrate expertise. Clients value credentialed experts.
  • Specialize first. Focus on a niche like e-commerce, then expand to more industries.
  • Stay up-to-date. Facebook’s algorithm and offerings change constantly. Continual education is a must.

3. SEO Agency

SEO remains one of the most valuable yet underutilized services for small businesses. With expertise in on-page optimization, link building, and more, you can get clients ranked higher in search results.

Recurring revenue comes from monthly retainers. You may also charge one-time fees for website audits, competitor analysis, and technical SEO.

Tips for Success

  • Deliver quick wins first. Focus on fixing easy problems like title tags and meta descriptions before tackling bigger issues. Quick wins build trust.
  • Learn Google’s algorithms. Understand how Google ranks pages and which signals carry the most weight. Master those factors for clients.
  • Stay patient. SEO takes time. Set realistic expectations with clients and keep iterating.

4. Paid Search Agency

Paid search lets businesses put their brand front and center in search engine results. However, managing large search campaigns across Google, Bing, and Amazon requires deep expertise.

As a paid search specialist, you optimize and manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for clients. This includes setting up accounts, A/B testing ads, adjusting bids, targeting keywords, monitoring performance, and reporting on ROI.

Tips for Success

  • Obtain certifications like Google Ads to showcase your skills.
  • Keep testing. Continually test new ad copy, landing pages, keywords, and more to improve campaign performance.
  • Stay nimble. Closely monitor search term trends and adjust campaigns accordingly.

5. Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to engage an audience. But most businesses don’t maximize its potential.

As an email marketing agency, you help brands:

  • Design email sequences and funnels
  • Integrate email with other channels
  • Write engaging copy
  • Optimize deliverability
  • Send and track campaign analytics

Recurring revenue comes from monthly fees. You may also charge one-time creative fees.

Tips for Success

  • Specialize first. Build expertise with one niche or industry. For example, focus on email for e-commerce stores.
  • Obsess over deliverability. Master techniques to avoid spam filters and the promotions tab. Deliverability is make-or-break.
  • Use great email software, like ConvertKit or MailerLite. Seamless email tools impress clients.

6. Content Marketing Agency

Quality content remains king in digital marketing. Yet steady content creation eludes many brands.

As a content marketing agency, you offer end-to-end services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Content creation – blog posts, videos, podcasts, whitepapers
  • Graphic design
  • Promotion on social media and influencer networks
  • Performance analysis

Recurring revenue comes from monthly retainers. You can also charge one-time creative fees.

Tips for Success

  • Hire strong writers or outsource content creation until you build in-house capacity. Quality writing is non-negotiable.
  • Obsess over promotion. Creating content means little without promotion. Distribute and amplify content through multiple channels.
  • Analyze performance. Use metrics like shares, backlinks, and conversion rates to inform what works. Double down on high-performing content.

7. HubSpot Agency

HubSpot now powers over 135,000 businesses with its inbound marketing and sales software. As an official HubSpot partner, you get access to premium resources, certifications, and support to better serve clients.

You help clients:

  • Set up and configure HubSpot tools like Analytics, Ads, and CRM
  • Create landing pages and emails
  • Generate leads with blogging, SEO, PPC
  • Optimize marketing and sales funnels
  • Provide HubSpot training and support

Recurring revenue comes from monthly retainers.

Tips for Success

  • Earn HubSpot certifications to stand out from uncertified agencies. The HubSpot Partner Program courses teach you the software inside out.
  • Prioritize integrations. Flawlessly connect HubSpot tools to clients’ tech stacks for maximum impact.
  • Create content for clients to populate their new HubSpot blogs. Offer blog templates and starter content to get them ramped up quickly.

8. Video Marketing Production Agency

Video content grabs attention and drives action like no other medium today. Yet, high-quality video remains out of reach for many SMBs.

As a video marketing agency, you help clients:

  • Conceptualize and produce videos based on campaign goals
  • Handle all aspects of production – filming, editing, animation, graphic design, music, voiceovers
  • Distribute videos on YouTube, social media, paid ads, etc.
  • Analyze performance and optimize based on data

One-time project fees give way to recurring revenue as clients come back for more videos.

Tips for Success

  • Invest in video production skills like filming, editing, animation, and audio engineering. Great gear and software are also important.
  • Build your portfolio. Offer discounted rates initially to create stunning portfolio pieces that win clients.
  • Rapid turnarounds. Quick video production turnarounds impress clients and lead to more work. Work towards faster workflows.

9. Amazon Marketing Agency

Amazon now influences over half of all e-commerce purchases. Yet few brands maximize their presence on Amazon.

As an Amazon marketing agency, you help clients:

  • Create optimized Amazon product listings
  • Run Amazon Ads for their products
  • Strategize promotions and improve organic rankings
  • Analyze competitor activity
  • Provide ongoing performance optimization

One-time project fees combined with monthly retainers provide stable revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Obtain Amazon certifications like Amazon Advertising to showcase expertise.
  • Master niche categories. Become an expert at Amazon marketing in one product category like supplements or electronics before expanding.
  • Learn PPC best practices. Study how top agencies structure and optimize Amazon Ads for maximum conversions.

10. LinkedIn Marketing Agency

With over 75% of B2B leads coming through LinkedIn, a specialist agency can help companies maximize this channel.

You help clients with:

  • Company page optimization
  • Employee branding and thought leadership
  • Sponsored content, ads, and boosted posts
  • Lead generation with gated assets
  • Sales prospecting and outreach
  • Tracking ROI on LinkedIn activity

Monthly retainers provide ongoing revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Hire team members with sales expertise. Effective prospecting and outreach skills are crucial.
  • Encourage employee sharing. Work closely with clients to activate employees as brand evangelists on LinkedIn.
  • Obsess over data. Tap into LinkedIn’s data and analytics at every step. Optimize based on hard metrics.

11. Facebook Chatbot Agency

Chatbots remain an underutilized way for brands to engage customers 24/7 on Messenger. As adoption grows, specialized agencies are emerging.

You help businesses:

  • Strategize chatbot objectives and flows
  • Build and configure chatbots on Facebook’s platform
  • Create contextual conversations that sound human
  • Integrate chatbots with other channels
  • Analyze conversations to improve

Setup and monthly fees for bot management provide ongoing revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Invest in bot-building skills, either in-house or outsourced. Master tools like Chatfuel and MobileMonkey.
  • Obsess over the onboarding flow. The first impression is crucial. Perfect that user experience.
  • Keep improving the bot based on conversation analysis. Use metrics like user drop-off to continuously enhance.

12. Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Most marketing dollars go to driving traffic. Yet few brands optimize for converting that traffic into sales. This presents a major opportunity.

As a CRO agency, you help clients:

  • Audit their website for friction points and UX issues
  • Redesign pages for higher conversions
  • Create sequences and funnels that convert
  • Continuously test and iterate landing pages
  • Provide ongoing optimization recommendations

Project fees combined with monthly retainers provide stable revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Invest in design skills like copywriting and web development. Great UX requires technical and creative expertise.
  • Obsess over data. Use analytics and heatmaps to pinpoint underperforming pages and user struggle points. Let data guide design.
  • Test rigorously. Champion the importance of continuous testing with clients. Tests reveal optimization opportunities.

13. Affiliate Marketing Agency

Affiliate marketing is a proven way for brands to acquire new customers at low risk. Yet, it remains an untapped opportunity.

As an affiliate agency, you help clients:

  • Set up affiliate programs end-to-end
  • Recruit and onboard affiliate partners
  • Create promotional assets and marketing collateral
  • Drive affiliate recruitment through SEO and paid ads
  • Provide affiliate management software and tracking

You earn commissions as clients’ affiliate revenue grows, creating scalable passive income.

Tips for Success

  • Recruit affiliates aggressively. Getting partners onboarded is crucial for client success. Reach out individually and make a compelling pitch.
  • Help affiliates succeed. Provide winning creative assets, promo codes, and rewards affiliates need to promote your client’s brand.
  • Track meticulously. Use affiliate management software to monitor and optimize programs for higher conversions.

14. Marketing Funnel Agency

Complex sales funnels remain the top struggle for both B2B and e-commerce businesses. You can provide the know-how they desperately need.

Offer end-to-end funnel services:

  • Map out and strategize multi-step funnels
  • Design sales funnel pages and order flows
  • Continuously optimize pages for higher conversions
  • Build CRM integrations and email sequences
  • Analyze data and uncover revenue leak points

Both recurring and project revenue opportunities exist with funnels.

Tips for Success

  • Obsess over page strategy. Map out every conversion point and build pages to drive users seamlessly through the entire funnel.
  • Fix leaks relentlessly. Use data to find and fix revenue leaks at each stage. Revenue gains compound as leaks are plugged.
  • Champion simplicity. Reject unnecessary complexity in page design and user flows. Simpler converts better.

15. Shopify Marketing Agency

With over 2 million merchants, Shopify now powers 25% of all U.S. e-commerce sites. Specialized help is needed to cut through the noise.

You help Shopify stores with:

  • Store setup, theme design, user experience
  • Traffic generation through SEO and ads
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Social media marketing
  • Performance analysis and optimization

Recurring revenue comes from monthly retainers as you continually refine stores.

Tips for Success

  • Become a Shopify Partner. The partner program gives you access to powerful apps, discounts, and business tools.
  • Specialize first. Gain expertise serving stores in one niche, like fashion or home goods, before expanding to more e-commerce verticals.
  • Stay up-to-date on apps. Shopify’s app ecosystem expands daily. Know the top apps in your niche and integrate them for clients.

16. B2B Lead Generation Agency

Complex sales cycles make lead generation a top challenge for B2B companies. You can become their outsourced marketing arm.

Offer end-to-end services:

  • Generate targeted prospect lists
  • Run LinkedIn ads and outreach campaigns
  • Perform SEO keyword research
  • Manage paid search and retargeting ads
  • Craft multi-touch nurture sequences
  • Continuously analyze and optimize campaigns

Project fees combined with performance bonuses incentivize you to hit lead targets.

Tips for Success

  • Integrate tightly with sales. Align lead gen with what sales need to hit revenue goals.
  • Combine creativity with data. Balance compelling messaging and branding with careful targeting and ROI analysis.
  • Build a recallable brand. Creating your own memorable brand builds authority in the space and earns trust.

17. Mobile App Marketing Agency

The mobile app ecosystem is fiercely competitive. You can help apps acquire users efficiently.

Offer services like:

  • App store optimization – keywords, descriptions, visuals
  • Managing app store ads – Apple Search, Google Play
  • PR and influencer campaigns for launch buzz
  • Paid user acquisition campaigns – Facebook, TikTok ads
  • Retargeting to boost conversions
  • UX optimization and A/B testing

Project and retention revenue opportunities exist.

Tips for Success

  • Study successful app launches. Learn and replicate what the top apps do across channels to gain momentum.
  • Monitor competitors. Use app intelligence tools to analyze competitors’ marketing strategies.
  • Help clients focus. Advise clients to channel marketing dollars into one or two proven user acquisition channels rather than spreading themselves thin.

18. Amazon Seller Marketing Agency

With competition intensifying daily, third-party Amazon sellers need help cutting through the clutter.

You help Amazon sellers with:

  • Enhanced brand content – videos, images
  • Amazon Ads – Sponsored Products, Brand Ads, Headline Search Ads
  • Improving organic rankings
  • Off-Amazon marketing – email, social media, influencers
  • Ongoing optimization and analytics

Recurring revenue comes from monthly retainers.

Tips for Success

  • Specialize in one product niche, like supplements or electronics. Avoid overly broad services.
  • Learn from top sellers. Study what high-revenue sellers do across their business, especially marketing.
  • Have clients focus their budget on just one or two high-potential marketing channels, based on their product and resources. Avoid spreading themselves too thin.

19. Webinar Production and Promotion

Webinars convert prospects into leads extremely well, yet they are complex to pull off. Your expertise can help.

Provide end-to-end services:

  • Strategize webinar topics, positioning, and promotion
  • Find speakers, prepare talking points
  • Set up webinar technology and logistics
  • Promote across channels – email, social, influencers
  • Repurpose into gated content assets
  • Analyze and optimize based on data

A mix of project and monthly fees provides stable revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Invest in webinar technology like on-demand platforms and production tools. Seamless tech impresses clients.
  • Build an influencer network to tap for webinar speakers, promotions, and partnerships.
  • Repurpose aggressively. Turn webinars into blogs, videos, podcasts, and other formats to maximize value.

20. YouTube Marketing Agency

YouTube presents a massive yet often untapped marketing opportunity for businesses. With expertise, you can help brands capitalize.

Offer end-to-end YouTube marketing services:

  • Channel creation, branding, optimization
  • Video concept creation
  • Video production – filming, editing, animation
  • Promotion – cards, end screens, suggested videos
  • YouTube Ad campaigns – video discovery, bumper ads
  • Performance tracking and optimization

Recurring revenue comes from video production and channel management retainers.

Tips for Success

  • Obsess over video SEO. Master YouTube search and metadata best practices to drive organic traffic.
  • Analyze competitors’ top videos in your clients’ niches. Identify content gaps and opportunities.
  • Use YouTube Analytics to micro-target audiences and optimize video performance. Let data guide your decisions.

21. Nextdoor Advertising Agency

Nextdoor now reaches over 1/3 of U.S. households, presenting a prime opportunity to help local businesses advertise.

You help SMBs:

  • Create Nextdoor business pages
  • Conceptualize and design local ad creative
  • Set up and manage Nextdoor ad campaigns
  • Provide performance reports
  • Optimize campaign targeting and creative

Project fees combined with monthly management retainers provide revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Proactively pitch clients by using Nextdoor data to show how many of their potential customers use the platform.
  • Experiment relentlessly. Test different audience targeting strategies, ad formats, creatives, and more. Rapid iteration uncovers the most effective tactics.
  • Integrate with other channels. Sync Nextdoor ads into multi-channel local marketing campaigns for maximum impact. Omnichannel improves performance.

22. Snapchat Ad Agency

Snapchat now boasts over 100 million daily active users. With short videos and immersive ad formats, Snap provides a unique way for brands to engage Gen Z and Millennials.

You help businesses:

  • Conceptualize and produce Snapchat ad creative
  • Set up and manage Snapchat and Pixel ad accounts
  • Target niche Snapchat audiences
  • Track campaign analytics and optimize performance

Project work combined with ongoing ad management provides stable revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Hire young creative talent who intuitively understand the platform and culture. Their instincts will inform what works.
  • Advise clients to start small and test different ad formats and objectives before scaling budgets. Nail the formula before investing big.
  • Analyze audience insights to identify which of your client’s customers and prospects are on Snapchat. Targeting the right users improves performance.

23. TikTok Marketing Agency

With TikTok now averaging over 1 billion monthly active users, the platform presents massive marketing potential. But brands need help activating it.

Offer end-to-end TikTok marketing services:

  • TikTok account setup and branding
  • Viral content strategy and video production
  • Hashtag research and viral challenges
  • TikTok Ads management – Spark, Brand Takeover, In-Feed Video
  • Performance analysis and optimization

High-growth clients provide both recurring and project revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Monitor trending sounds and hashtags. Ride trending waves and repurpose winning content formats for clients.
  • Help clients go viral by orchestrating viral challenges and leveraging influencer partnerships. Viral content builds brand awareness rapidly.
  • Refine targeting. Use TikTok’s audience insights to find core customer segments and target them. Well-targeted content increases conversions.

24. Customer Data Platform Agency

Customer data platforms (CDPs) help brands unify customer data for personalized cross-channel marketing. But they require expertise to implement well.

You help clients:

  • Select the right CDP based on needs, budget, and tech stack
  • Set up and configure the CDP
  • Build audiences and integrate data sources – CRM, email, web analytics
  • Create targeted segments and customer journey maps
  • Develop tailored messaging and campaigns

Setup fees combined with ongoing management retainers provide revenue.

Tips for Success

  • Obsess over integrations. Flawlessly connecting CDPs into clients’ martech stacks maximizes value. Master integration best practices.
  • Champion test-and-iterate culture. Continuously test audience segments and campaigns. Let data reveal what resonates most with customers.
  • Deliver quick personalization wins with early campaigns to demonstrate the power of CDPs. Small successes build confidence and adoption.

25. Account-Based Marketing Agency

Account-based marketing remains an underutilized B2B strategy with immense potential. Your expertise can help companies execute it successfully.

Services include:

  • Identifying target accounts
  • Building detailed account profiles
  • Designing multi-channel ABM campaigns
  • Executing personalized outreach
  • Providing ongoing optimization

Project fees combined with recurring revenue for account intelligence and campaign management.

Tips for Success

  • Integrate tightly with sales. Ensure marketing campaigns align with sales goals and data to coordinate touchpoints.
  • Balance creativity with data. Blend compelling campaigns with detailed account research and analytics.
  • Don’t overcomplicate early on. Advise clients to start with a few target accounts and simple campaigns. Then expand based on results.

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Turn These Digital Marketing Ideas into Success

The opportunities to launch lucrative digital marketing startups are endless right now. You just need the right idea, expertise, and execution.

I hope this overview of 25 digital marketing startup ideas has your mind racing with possibilities. The time is right to turn your skills into a thriving business.

With a focused effort on serving clients well, amplifying your personal brand, and reinvesting profits into growth, you can build a digital marketing agency that stands out.

Here’s to your future success! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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