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100 D2C/DTC Startup Business Ideas to Launch in 2024

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) and direct-to-customer (DTC) businesses are all the rage these days. By selling directly to customers online, D2C/DTC companies can offer greater value and build stronger relationships with their customers.

If you’re looking to start your own online business, D2C/DTC is a great model to consider. The low overhead and ability to quickly validate ideas make D2C/DTC ideal for first-time founders and bootstrappers.

To help you brainstorm, here are 100 exciting D2C/DTC business ideas that can be started today:

1000 startup ideas for your next venture
1000 startup ideas for your next venture

Health & Wellness

The health and wellness market is booming. People care deeply about looking and feeling their best. Consider these supplement, nutrition, and fitness concepts:

1. Vitamin subscription

Send personalized vitamin packs monthly. Let customers take a quiz to determine their needs. Ship packs conveniently to their door.

2. Personalized protein powders

Protein powders tailored to customers’ goals, dietary needs, and taste preferences. Offer samples to win over first-time buyers.

3. At-home fitness equipment

Design fun and innovative fitness products for home use. Mirrors, smart equipment, VR gear. Make at-home fitness more immersive.

4. Healthy meal plans

Offer customized meal plans for different diets and lifestyles. Paleo, Keto, vegetarian, family plans. Take the guesswork out of nutrition.

5. Mental wellness app

An app that combines meditation, sleep music, CBT, and life coaching for better mental health. Make taking care of your mind simple.

6. Allergy-friendly snacks

Snacks for specialized diets like gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. Use better ingredients to create tasty allergy-friendly foods.

7. DIY health tests

Home health testing kits for common issues like food sensitivity, thyroid problems, and fertility. Empower customers with convenient at-home tests.

Food & Beverage

Food is fundamental. Everyone eats multiple times a day. Cater to foodies seeking new culinary adventures with these delectable D2C concepts:

8. Artisanal hot sauce

Make exceptional hot sauces from unique peppers and spices. Feature fun flavors like mango habanero, curry scorpion, and ghost pepper.

9. Keto-friendly treats

Satisfy the sweet tooth of keto dieters with low-carb cookies, cakes and ice creams. Use alternative flour and sugar substitutes.

10. Premium olive oil

Import extra virgin olive oils from small farms around the world. Offer tastings and pairings. Become the olive oil sommelier.

11. Coffee & tea blends

Create signature blends of coffee and tea. Source top-grade beans and leaves. Ship in freshness-sealed packs.

12. Craft beer or wine

Start your own microbrewery or winery. Focus on great ingredients and small batch production. Build a loyal fan base.

13. Ready-to-cook meal kits

Ship boxes with pre-portioned ingredients and recipes for easy dinners, lunches and more. Offer flexible options, menus and pricing.

14. Jerky of the month

Feature a different flavor of gourmet jerky every month. Bacon jalapeno. Whiskey maple. Ghost pepper. Keep jerky lovers excited.

15. Artisanal condiments

Mustards, salsas, sauces made meticulously with unique ingredients. Garlic mustard with IPA. Mango habanero salsa. Ramp pesto.

Beauty & Grooming

Beauty products and self-care routines shouldn’t be an afterthought. Help people look their best with these beauty and grooming D2C ideas:

16. Natural skin care

Plant-based lotions, serums, cleansers and masks. Harness botanicals for healthy, glowing skin. Clean, non-toxic beauty.

17. Beard care products

Oils, balms, combs and trimmers for sophisticated beard grooming. Elevate the bearded lifestyle.

18. Perfume sampler

Send sample vials of artisanal fragrances monthly. Niche, customizable scents not found in department stores.

19. Luxury bath products

Bath bombs, scrubs and soaks that turn bathing into a spa-like ritual. Use exotic ingredients like French pink clay.

20. Salon quality hair care

Recreate the luxury salon experience at home. Oils, masks, styling products. Target specific hair needs and types.

21. Shave club

Subscription service for shaving supplies. Refillable razors, premium shave butters and aftershave balms. Automate the shaving routine.

Fashion & Apparel

Fashion is self-expression. It’s time to ditch fast fashion and support sustainable, ethical brands. Consider these clothing and apparel concepts:

22. Custom tailored suits

Made-to-measure suits for a perfect fit. Offer premium fabrics and customization options. Launch a digital tailor.

23. Bohemian streetwear

Artful graphic t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more. Support emerging and indie designers. Limited edition drops.

24. Sustainable activewear

Eco-friendly gym wear made from recycled synthetics, organic cotton and other sustainably sourced materials.

25. CompressiveShape wear clothing

Slimming shapewear built into dresses, jeans and other apparel. Flatter all body types and boost confidence.

26. Wardrobe basics done better

Elevated basics like tees, tanks, underwear and socks. Focus on fit, feel, quality and materials.

27. Shoes for plantar fasciitis

Shoes with arch support, cushioning and stability features to relieve foot pain. Therapy meets style.

28. Pet fashion

Cute outfits, accessories and toys for pets. Clothing, bow ties, bandanas, plush beds. Pamper those furry family members.

Home & Kitchen

Make home life better with clever products that solve problems and simplify routines. These home and kitchen ideas deliver joy:

29. Smart garden tech

Indoor gardening tech like self-watering planters, plant sensors and LED lamps for growing food year-round.

30. Kitchenware subscription

Monthly delivery of boutique kitchen items – ceramic bowls, wooden spoons, coffee makers. Upgrade kitchens item-by-item.

31. Coffee brewing gear

High-end manual brewing gear for pour over, French press and cold brew. Elevate the daily coffee ritual.

32. Natural cleaning solutions

Non-toxic sprays, soaps and scrubs. Help people rid their homes of harsh chemicals.

33. Bedding in a box

Luxe bedding shipped compressed in a box. Simplify bed making with bundled sheet sets, duvets and shams.

34. Indoor herb gardens

Make it easy to grow fresh herbs in small spaces. Kits include planters, soil and seeds. Boost cooking flavor.

35. Pour over coffee subscription

Discover different premium pour over coffees every month. Whole beans from micro-roasters around the world.

36. Cocktail mixer club

Get monthly shipments of artisanal cocktail mixers – ginger beer, bitters, shrubs, maple syrups. Elevate home mixology.

37. Hobby fermentation kits

Ferment hot sauces, kimchi, kefir and kombucha at home. Complete starter kits remove the guesswork.


Tech makes modern life possible. Innovate with tools that help people work, play and live smarter.

38. Portable laptop charger

Slim, durable external battery packs. Juice up laptops and phones on the go. For the remote worker’s everyday carry.

39. Ergonomic office accessories

Wrist rests, lap desks, monitor mounts and more. Relieve pain and strain for remote workers.

40. Blue light blocking glasses

Stylish, non-prescription eyeglasses that filter blue light from screens. Reduce digital eye strain.

41. Reusable smart notebook

Notebooks with erasable pages to cut paper waste. Sync written notes digitally.

42. Software tutorial videos

Create simple how-to videos for using popular software. Remove tech frustrations for non-technical users.

43. Digital planning & habit tools

Apps and widgets to track habits, goals and tasks digitally. Program better behaviors.

44. Portable phone charger case

Protective phone cases with built-in batteries. Slim, durable, and charge on the go. Never run out of juice.

45. Screen cleaning kit

Keep screens spotless and germ-free. Microfiber cloths, cleaners, wipes. The ultimate screen hygiene kit.

Toys & Games

Fun, innovative toys and games make screen-free playtime more enjoyable for kids and adults alike:

46. STEM building toys

Blocks, construction sets, robot kits. Build analytical and problem solving skills through play.

47. Eco-friendly plushies

Cuddly stuffed animals made from organic cotton and recycled materials. Lead-free dyes.

48. Educational card games

Make learning math, spelling and science fun with creative educational card games.

49. Party game subscription

Discover a new multiplayer game every month – trivia, acting challenges, scavenger hunts. Great for family game night.

50. Active outdoor games

Get kids moving with fun outdoor games – throwable targets, catch games, obstacle courses. Promote active play.

51. Funky fidget toys

Kinetic desk toys, poppers, clickers, spinners. Release energy and focus.

52. Throwback toys

Revive classic toys like yoyos and fingerboards. Add modern twists.

53. Puzzle of the month club

Wood, 3D, jigsaw puzzles delivered monthly. Grow spatial skills and spend quality low-tech time.

54. Building block sets

Sets with wheels, windows, doors and other parts. Spark creativity, imagination and engineering. More versatile than Lego.


Pets are family. Make pets and their owners happier with these inventive pet products:

55. Custom pet portraits

Commission a painting or digital art piece featuring a beloved pet. Unique heirloom gift.

56. Pet treat bakery

All-natural, preservative-free pet treats. Offer fun shapes like donuts, pizza slices and bones.

57. Lick mats for dogs

Spreadable silicone mats to fill with peanut butter, pumpkin, or wet food. Keeps dogs busy for hours.

58. Cat furniture & toys

Tunnels, towers, scratching posts. Durable, multi-functional furniture that satisfies the cat’s instincts to climb, perch, scratch.

59. Dog adventure gear

Outdoor gear for active dogs – doggy backpacks, trail runners, cooling vests. Products that support the outdoor dog lifestyle.

60. Personalized pet gifts

Pet lover merch featuring custom names, faces, and breeds. Mugs, shirts, pillows, holiday gifts featuring furry friends.

61. Natural flea & tick prevention

Non-toxic spot-on treatments, collars and shampoos that repel fleas and ticks without harsh chemicals.

62. Custom cat trees

Cat trees and scratching posts tailored to space and color scheme. Choose layout, carpet color, wood stain. Aesthetically pleasing and cat approved.

Hobbies & Crafts

Help hobbyists level up with tools, supplies and education:

63. Calligraphy studio

Premium pens, inks, stationery and online video lessons for mastering script lettering. Starter sets for beginners.

64. DIY craft kits

Boxes with fabric, yarn, paint, clay – everything needed for that month’s craft project. Make crafting easy and accessible.

65. Photography masterclass

Online classes, video tutorials and presets for improving photography skills. How to capture portraits, landscapes, motion and more.

66. Art snack box

Monthly box with niche art supplies like brush pens, watercolors, masking fluid. For folks eager to try new mediums and techniques.

67. Podcasting starter kit

User-friendly digital recorder, editing software and guide to start recording quality podcasts quickly.

68. Origami subscription

Monthly origami papers and video tutorials for creating new masterpieces. Origami crafts delivered to your door.

69. Ukulele starter set

A beginner ukulele bundle – quality instrument, tuner, picks, gig bag, chord chart and lessons.

70. Calligraphy stationery

Notebooks, greeting cards, paper sets with designs ideal for brush lettering practice. Elevate handwriting.

Gift Boxes & Monthly Clubs

Surprise and delight customers every month with specially curated boxes and club subscriptions:

71. Cocktail of the month club

Monthly box with craft cocktail recipe, ingredients and your new favorite drink.

72. Date night box

Everything needed for a special night – recipes, games, decor – delivered monthly. Effortless romance.

73. Reading lovers box

Hardcover books, cozy socks, candles, tea. Boxes tailored to mystery lovers, sci-fi fans and more. Bookish joy each month.

74. Grilling box

Marinades, rubs, tools and more for the ultimate backyard BBQ. New grilling goodies every month.

75. Plant parent box

Pots, propagators, soil, plant food and cuttings for indoor gardening. Help plant parents grow their collection.

76. Collector’s box

Limited edition collectibles delivered monthly. Funko pops, pins, stickers, apparel. Great for fandom and hobby collectors.

77. Sweets club box

Artisanal baked goods and candies. Satisfy sweet cravings with new treats each month.

78. Scent box

Sample new perfumes or colognes every month. Discover signature scents from niche fragrance houses.

79. Snack box

Discover new snacks from around the world. Theme boxes like Japanese snacks, European sweets and Aussie bites.

80. Kids activity box

Art supplies, science projects, building sets, games and more. Monthly boxes that inspire play and learning.


Make wedding planning seamless for brides, grooms and guests:

81. Custom wedding websites

Beautifully designed wedding websites with registries, travel info and online RSVP. Branded to couple’s vision.

82. Printed wedding invites

Premium print, paper and letterpress invitations. Foil stamping, calligraphy, accessories. Elevate any affair.

83. Wedding welcome bags

Welcome bags filled with out-of-town guest goodies – personalized maps, city guides, snacks, water bottles and hangover kits.

84. Matching bridesmaid proposals

Matching boxes with bride tribe gifts – jewelry, tumblers, shirts, candles. Pop the bridesmaid request in style.

85. Custom wedding napkins

Linen, paper napkins screen printed with names, dates, fun patterns. Add personalized flair to reception tables.

86. Guest books

Prints of wedding portraits or illustrations for signing messages, advice and well wishes. A unique alternative to traditional guest books.

87. Honeymoon planning

Take the stress out of planning that dream getaway. All-inclusive package booking, itinerary creation, guided tours.


Help learners of all levels and interests master subjects with these edtech offerings:

88. College prep guides

Guide high school students through the college application process – test prep, application timelines, essay brainstorming.

89. Elementary reading app

Fun phonics and reading games for building early literacy skills. Animations, rewards and tracking to motivate learning.

90. Corporate training videos

Short animated videos covering leadership, communication, productivity, other professional skills. Make training engaging and actionable.

91. Typing software

Apps with lessons and games for mastering touch typing. Fun, interactive way to gain a crucial skill.

92. Custom flash card decks

Create and print flashcard decks for any subject – geography, anatomy, vocabulary, more. Convenient study aid.

93. Math video lessons

Short, engaging videos explain foundational math concepts clearly. Tackle algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics intuitively.

94. Language learning app

Audio lessons, quizzes, games and AI tutors for learning new languages intuitively. Target travelers.

95. Music instruction

Online classes teaching instruments like guitar, piano, drums. Interactive lessons, sheet music, student progress tracking.

96. Homework helper hotline

On-demand homework assistance and tutoring over chat, video and phone. Real teachers help K-12 students complete assignments.

Photography & Design Services

Help businesses make a stellar impression with professional visual assets. Offer:

97. Product photography

Capturing e-commerce products in lifestyle settings. Drive sales with high quality product images and video.

98. Real estate photography

Interior and exterior photography that highlights listing features and show potential.

99. Restaurant food photography

Mouthwatering pictures of dishes, drinks and menus. Help restaurants build buzz and demand with food porn.

100. Logo design services

Create visually impactful brand identities – logos, colors, fonts, and guidelines. Establish coherent branding.

Starting any business takes vision, grit, and proper planning. But by going D2C and validating your idea early, the process becomes much more achievable.

Consider the possibilities in this list and take the first steps to launch your own thriving D2C brand. Start small but dream big!

With a hyper-connected online market, smart digital branding, and a bit of hustle, your ingenious idea could positively impact millions of lives. The only limit is your imagination.

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