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How workspace design improves productivity in the workplace?

Employee workspaces are very important because they influence productivity in the workplace.

If you want to improve the productivity of people in your workplace, you can read the post here. Let’s look at all the variables that play a role in the quality and quantity of work produces and examine them in detail.


This includes things like furniture, equipment, lighting & temperature.


Furniture includes chairs, desks, sofas, file cabinets, shelving, etc. Furniture has the most obvious ergonomic impact. Chairs need to be comfortable, file cabinets need to easily open, shelving needs to be easily accessible for maximum productivity.


Equipment includes things like computers, printers, phones, calculators, shredders, faxes, etc. Equipment is similar to furniture because employees need to be comfortable using them. Computer wires that are not properly placed hinder productivity, as does phones located away from the desk.


Lighting can be both natural (sunlight) or artificial. Surprisingly, lighting impacts the way people work. Poor lighting can cause eye strain and excessive light can cause glare. These can result in problems like headaches and tiredness.

Room temperature

Temperature affects people physically. Slightly cold temperatures cause discomfort that prevents people from focussing on tasks. Warm temperatures make employees feel sleepy. Extreme temperatures can prevent work.



This includes music, employee conversations, equipment sounds, outside noise, and any other potential distraction that involves sound. Noise issues can result in employees being less productive due to their inability to focus and concentrate.

Noise is usually dependant on the type of workspace. Open offices and cubicles will have more noise than private offices. However, the best design for avoiding noise is the virtual office because sound distractions can be eliminated by simply moving to a quieter area.


This includes things that make the workplace look good and include walls (insulation, type, color, etc), floors (carpeting, cement, etc), ceilings, doors, and windows. Appearance is important because an outdated or poorly decorated workspace can be demoralizing.

Physical size

This is the amount of physical space available for work. There needs to be adequate space for employees to perform their jobs, or their productivity will suffer. Cramped work areas also cause arguments and other conflicts as people move into each other’s personal space.

This does not mean that more space is always better. in fact, sometimes less space is more desirable because it is easier to access need information and other employees.

Food & beverage

Most organizations provide unlimited tea and coffee for their employees. However, there’s more that can be done. Many companies provide free lunch and fruits in the morning. Providing food and beverages to employees not only makes them more productive but also enhances their happiness.


Plants create a very positive work environment and also express the view of building a green company. Having lots of plants in the workspace also gives us a feeling of being in the presence of nature away from the polluted world outside.


Having a lot of open spaces in the workplace can not only help employees move freely but also creates the impression of an open environment. A little bit of extra space also enables employees to stretch out once a while.


The good thing about having books in the workplace is that it encourages reading habits, especially for those who don’t like reading books. Also having books about performing certain jobs well, also increases productivity. If you have the space available, try to create a mini library where your staff can borrow books or read them in their free time.

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Artwork & posters

When it comes to putting artwork and posters, there are plenty of choices available. You can actually put posters of values your company believes in, your culture, famous entrepreneurs, and even motivational quotes.

Having art in the workplace has been shown to increase productivity and creativity. Art enhances aesthetics in the workplace and also is something interesting to look at.

Personal booths

I have seen a lot of coworking spaces with small personal booths for helping people spend some quiet time. Personal booths not only help you to focus on your work but also make phone calls without bothering the people around you.



Dirty offices are not only disturbing to look at but also distract people from doing work. Overall, such an environment makes you feel unproductive and uncomfortable to work in. Also speaking of cleanliness, it is encouraged for employees to keep their desks clean or organized. A clean desk helps the mind to focus compared to a cluttered desk.


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