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Tactyqal app v1 walkthrough

Hi everyone, is a personal AI-powered startup business coach that helps CEOs make important decisions in 2 minutes.

Over 80% of businesses fail. A startup’s default state is – failure.

We want to change that.

VC Hang Tung has stated that – “good entrepreneurs learn from their own mistakes, great entrepreneurs learn from other people’s mistakes”.

We want to make good entrepreneurs great.

So we have looked at data, insights & patterns from over 10,000 companies and studied over 100 research papers, and have come up with essential elements. These elements are things that businesses should focus on or avoid in order to be successful.

We have turned these essential elements into fun & useful business assessments that can help you make important business decisions because a successful startup is a sum of all the decisions you make.

Bain’s researches found that decision effectiveness is 95% correlated with financial performance.

study of 500 managers and executives found 98% fail to apply best practices when making decisions.

Other studies have shown that effective decision-making practices increase the number of good business decisions sixfold and cut failure rates nearly in half.

CEOs who shine for deciding with speed over precision are 12x more likely to succeed than other CEOs.

So, decisions need to be fast, data-driven, and hopefully, right most of the time.

A good decision-making process involves both context and a good framework. Our assessments try to cover the relevant context so that all the factors are considered before making a particular decision.

Decision-making starts from the time an entrepreneur chooses whether to start a business or not, whether to get a partner/cofounder, choosing the right idea, till the time the business is either ready to exit or burns to the ground.

We are a team of ex Venture capitalists, software engineers, marketers & entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience working with companies of all sizes across the globe.

You can use this app whether you are a wannabe entrepreneur thinking of starting a business or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

I am going to take you on a walk-through of the tactical app. You can use the app both on desktop and mobiles, I am going to take you through the mobile app.

Some of our assessments are free and some are paid. Do try the app and let us know if you have any questions.

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