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Blogging as a Service: Outsourcing Content Creation

Content fuels the engine of inbound marketing.

Without high quality blogs, ebooks, videos and more, even the savviest digital marketer struggles to attract visitors or make conversions. Yet many businesses lack the time, skills or capacity to handle content creation in-house.

This is where blogging as a service steps in to save the day.

Why Outsource Your Blogging?

Blogging fuels brand growth by boosting organic visibility and engagement. But it’s far from easy.

Crafting compelling blogs demands strong writing chops, an innate grasp of your target audience, and the ability to optimize for search. For resource-strapped teams, finding this blended skillset in-house can prove challenging.

Outsourced blogging services offer a simple, scalable solution.

Rather than juggle content creation alongside your core operations, you can hand the reins to a dedicated blogging team. This frees up your internal resources while leveraging the niche expertise of professional writers.

Key Benefits of Blogging as a Service

Opting for blogging as a service unlocks a wealth of advantages:

  • It saves time. Creating high-quality, optimized content is tremendously time-intensive. Outsourcing lifts this workload from your team’s shoulders.
  • It drives more traffic. Working with specialized bloggers means tapping into niche skills for boosting organic visibility through search and social.
  • It delivers economies of scale. An experienced blogging team creates content faster and more efficiently than a solo in-house writer.
  • It enhances quality. Bloggers for hire specialize in content creation. This means they can focus wholly on polish, optimization and high-level writing.
  • It allows for flexibility. Outsourced bloggers can quickly scale production up and down as your content needs change.

In today’s digitally-driven climate, elevating your content should be a core focus. Yet this demands time and expertise which many brands simply don’t have. Employing a dedicated blogging team sidesteps these issues to drive results.

Assessing Outsourced Blog Quality

Of course, merely outsourcing your blogging isn’t enough. To fuel growth through content, the blogs themselves must hit the mark.

So what constitutes “high quality” when it comes to outsourced blogging? The answer spans everything from the writing itself to how content is structured and optimized.

Key Elements of High-Quality Blogs

Premium outsourced blogs should tick all the boxes:

∙ Compelling writing. This forms the very foundation of quality blogging. Posts must engage readers by artfully blending storytelling, information and persuasion.

∙ Real expertise. The blogger must boast real subject matter expertise both in your niche and content creation as a whole. This lends depth and authority.

∙ Optimization. From keyword integration to formatting, posts must be constructed to drive organic discovery and links.

∙ Brand alignment. Content should uphold your core messaging and positioning through tone, voice and topic selection.

∙ Error-free. While a given, mistake-free writing is a must across formatting, factual accuracy, grammar and spelling.

Creating blogs with this baseline level of polish demands advanced skills paired with an innate grasp of what makes content “work” for conversions and visibility. It’s both an art and a science – one which professional blogging teams have mastered.

Going Beyond: Hallmarks of Premium Content

While any outsourced blogger can deliver a well-written post, truly premium content goes deeper. Step above the basics with blogging that:

∙ Takes a unique angle. Rather than rehashing the same old topics, posts should uncover fresh, unexpected perspectives. This piques reader interest while building links.

∙ Uses multimedia. Spellbinding blogs combine writing with data visualizations, videos, quizzes and more to boost engagement.

∙ Targets emotions. Stirring an emotional reaction helps posts forge deeper connections with readers while boosting virality.

∙ Lands expert interviews. Nothing builds authority like exclusive commentary from recognized industry experts. Top bloggers leverage their networks to make this happen.

∙ Drives action. While informational posts have value, the best blogs prime readers to progress down the conversion funnel thanks to persuasive CTAs.

Great writing blends art and science. At the end of the day, a metrics-driven, ROI focus matters just as much as crafting killer prose. Elite blogging teams understand this delicate balance.

What to Look For in a Blogging Service

Blogging fuels amazing growth. But partnering with a subpar content provider tanks results fast. Separate smart fits from duds with this checklist:

∙ A polished portfolio. Scrutinize sample posts to assess abilities firsthand. Dig beyond best hits to see their baseline abilities.

∙ Specialized niche experience. Sometimes generalized bloggers shine. But for most brands, deep familiarity with their niche drives better content.

∙ Advanced writing talent. While SEO matters, compelling storytelling remains vital. Review how well they blend engagement with optimization.

∙ Glowing client reviews. Third-party testimonials offer an unbiased assessment of their talents and work ethic.

∙ Credentialed teams. Degrees, certifications and pro writing backgrounds differentiate amateur versus polished talent.

∙ Personalization capabilities. The best bloggers tailor their process to match brands’ unique workflows, objectives and voice.

Zeroing in on providers that tick all boxes minimizes risk while setting the stage for standout content that moves metrics.

Key Questions to Ask Prospective Bloggers

Still unsure if a blog provider aligns with your brand and goals? These vital questions uncover deal-breaking gaps:

  • How do you ensure content aligns with our niche, voice and messaging?
  • What strategies and tools do you use to boost blog optimization?
  • How will you expand reach through social media and link building?
  • What is your content creation process and production workflow?
  • How do you guarantee plagiarism-free writing and accuracy?
  • Can you share case studies of driving client growth through blogging?

The blogger’s responses should inspire confidence while spotlighting their seasoned approach. If not, they likely lack the advanced skills and experience your brand deserves.

Blog Topics That Convert

Even armed with an ace blogging team, mediocre topics tank results. Ideating posts readers love while aligning with critical search terms is tough. Streamline success by crowdsourcing themes around:

∙ Trending issues. Timely hooks capture attention while riding temporary spikes in search volumes.

∙ FAQs. Answer common consumer questions to cement authority while capturing traffic for lucrative keywords.

∙ Evergreenbasics. Revisiting evergreen topics through fresh angles builds essential foundation content to support conversions.

∙ Controversial ideas. Readers crave coy copy and unique perspectives. Don’t shy from tackling myths, misconceptions and debates.

∙ Original research. Investing blogger time into surveys, interviews and custom data yields differentiation few competitors can match.

∙ List posts. Whether how-tos, tips or product roundups, list-based posts tend to drive spectacular engagement thanks to skimmability.

∙ Guest contributions. Crowdsource topic ideas by inviting targeted guest posts from niche influencers and partners.

Leaning on time-tested formulas for ideation makes light work of populating the editorial calendar. Support this with systems for monitoring trending issues so your pipeline stays fresh and timely.

Optimizing Blogs for Maximum Impact

Even brilliant topics will flounder without optimization best practices built into the blogging process. This requires going beyond great writing to intentionally:

∙ Choose keywords carefully. Keywords anchor content creation, so select targets with surgical precision based on volume, competitiveness and commercial intent.

∙ Structure content strategically. Format posts to put critical keywords front-and-center according to search intent and reader needs.

∙ Employ power formatting. Include to-the-point subheads, short paragraphs, bold text, bulleted lists and ample white space to boost skimmability.

∙ Insert CTAs thoughtfully. Calls-to-action drive action, so place them at natural conversion points aligned to each post goal and topic.

∙ Feature media mindfully. Supplement text with relevant visuals, graphics and videos placed strategically within content to enhance engagement

∙ Promote and redistribute. Multi-channel promotion and strategic content repurposing dramatically multiplies reach. Plan this in concert with creation.

With the right structural foundation supporting stellar writing, blogs magnetically attract readers from search and social while guiding them to desired actions.

My Secrets to Getting Huge Traffic From Blogging

I have been blogging for over 10 years.

Want truly massive volumes of blog traffic over the long-term? Take these crucial steps:

  1. Build topical authority – Establish your niche dominance by blogging extensively around specific themes readers care about. This earns you subject expertise.
  2. Publish a lot of content, regularly – Search engines and readers favor sites with large content volumes that update frequently. Set an ambitious pace.
  3. Build backlinks – Earn external links pointing to your blogs organically by creating genuinely link-worthy assets others want to reference.
  4. Wait for results – Excellence takes time and consistency. Allow at least 9-12 months for blogging efforts to fully bear SEO fruits through compounding momentum.


In today’s digital-centric climate, high-quality blogging is mandatory for growth. Yet cultivating this strategic capability in-house demands substantial resources many companies can’t afford to spare.

Outsourcing to a specialized blogging service offers the best of both worlds. Immediately tap into advanced writing talents, industry connections and optimization expertise to drive online visibility and engagement.

By knowing what separates average from premium content, you can zero-in on the right blogging partner. Align with their seasoned strategies and systems to launch a content engine that propels continual organic growth.

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